Saturday, April 26, 2008

Relational Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Relational Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Network marketing is all about building relationships and helping people. We have an awesome product that is changing people's lives. Anyone you know with a specific health issue or anyone you know who cares about their health will want to know about Vemma.

How to lead with the product:

Exposure—Ask these questions, use the tools:
"Is your health a priority?""What are you doing to avoid and prevent disease?""Are you supplementing?""Taste this!" (Shake and open up a V2 sample shot. When they ask what it is, hand them a 'Your Body Guard' tri-fold brochure.)

Action—If they like the way it tastes, hand them a single pack and tell them to try it for a month. Say, "you can pay me later or just mail me a check—it's $60 plus tax." (Always have extra product on hand. I always carry two in the trunk of my car.)

Follow Up—This is the key to success in building our businesses:
IMPORTANT: Check with the person during the next week and see how they like the product and to make sure they're taking it every day.

Close—Sign them up:
Towards the end of 3rd or 4th week of taking Vemma, follow up and ask them if they would like to become a member and possibly get their product for free. Do they know two people who also would like to try Vemma? Either on their computer or yours, go to your marketing web site and sign them up as a new member. Or, have them fill out an application and enter their information later at your convenience. (You can download applications in your back office.)

Train—Get your new member into action:
First, you should have some extra Success Magazines on hand. Make sure your new member gets one.

Purchase yours here: Second, send them here, to the site, so they can begin to duplicate exactly what you have done. Build relationships. Work together. Have fun!

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