Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is Vemma in ‘momentum?’

Is Momentum Here Yet?

Vemma opened for business in November of 2004. Vemma sales have totaled approximately $44,000,000 and commissions paid approximately $22,000,000. Last month, March 2007, sales volume suddenly increased by almost $1,000,000 as compared to the previous month.

Why is there all this fuss about momentum? Who cares?

You should care. Momentum is the phase of a company’s growth when exponential growth takes over. The ‘money stories’ are happening all over and everyone wants their share. It’s the time when people can rank and income advance easily, as compared to all other phases of a network marketing company’s life cycle.

Is Vemma in ‘momentum?’

We’re getting very close.

I’m offering you a position in my organization that won’t be here tomorrow!
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