Friday, April 18, 2008

Health and Wellness Network Marketing

Health and Wellness Network Marketing
By Mary Thayer

What is health and wellness network marketing? It is a most perfect concept! It gives you the chance to offer your prospect the chance of meeting the three most important needs in their life: health, wealth, and happiness!

So this all sounds great but how do you choose what company will do this?

It is true that there are literally hundreds of different health and wellness network marketing businesses popping up all the time. They offer a wide variety of products from non toxic household cleaners to supplements. The key in choosing the best company for you is that they must have life changing consumable products that are unique and different.

Before even looking at the products make sure you determine they are coming from a sound business. When you are looking at joining a new company, pay close attention to the time they have been in business. If you are looking to build long term income it is better to stick with a company that has at least a five year track record.

Check out the company's management, finances, and compensation plan.

After you have determined the business is sound now it is time to evaluate the products. When you are evaluating them make sure you can see that they are indeed life changing. Is there science and research being conducted to prove the increased quality of life? Have you heard any testimonials from other product users? Can you see the potential life changing qualities of the product?

The next important piece in researching the products is making sure they are unique and different.
You really do not want to compete with Wal-Mart and Walgreen's for marketing the same product.

So here are some things to consider if your products are unique and different. Can you get the same product at a retail store for the same price? Does the product have any patent that protects it from being copied by another company? Is there science and research backing how the product is unique and different?

The competition is fierce between health and wellness network marketing companies. It is vital that you make sure that you choose one that has exclusive rights to a life changing consumable product. If you would like to find out more information on how to offer health, wealth, and happiness visit the resource box for more information.

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