Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vemma Marketing Tools

Your VEMMA™ organization can be built a variety of ways. In person, over the telephone, over email, on the Internet, instant messenger, or even through direct mail.

Regardless of how though you'll need tools......

According to Paul Zane Pilzer, world-renowned economist, ten million new millionaires will be created between 2006-2016, through what he calls "intellectual distribution"—teaching people about products or services that they didn't even know existed.

"People are not duplicable, but systems are. Everybody wants a system they can plug into for success. The tools below are true plug-and-play systems which are adaptable to any other system currently duplicating in your team.

1. To present the Business Opportunity: Vemma Your Business from Home Magazine
This is the #1 Home Business magazine in the industry. It presents the Vemma business opportunity through a variety of lifestyle stories. Stories from Donald Trump, Robert Kiosaki, Joel Osteen, NFL stars and

Best Selling self-help “Secret DVD” and more!

The Secret Edge CDThe Secret Edge is really the only CD you'll need to present the Vemma business opportunity. The CD is informative. entertaining, and really gets your prospects dreaming about how life could be. It also explains the benefits of starting out with the Super Silver pack better than any other tool in Vemma.

To build a profitable business, you are looking for motivated leaders who want to explode, not lottery ticket wishers and this CD will help you find them!Order your CDs Download the accompanying training document here: SecretEdge.pdf

2. To present the Product: The Miracles of Mangosteen & Minerals CDThe Miracles CD is the only tool you'll need to present the Vemma product. It is the most powerful product CD created to date and will connect with people at a personal level as they listen to the 35 powerful product testimonials from people who have been helped by the Vemma product. Facts tell, stories sell so order your CDs today,

3. When they want to know more: S.T.P Flip Book.The S.T.P. Flip Book was created by our own Vemma Leader and master marketing expert of ??? years, Dave Rasmussen. The book provides a simple, step-by-step, and visually stimulating presentation...even if you are just a beginner.

Best of all it stimulates massive duplication because it answers that burning question in every prospects mind....can I do this? Anyone can read over some notes and flip pages! Get your professionally printed copy here:

4. Road Map to Success Fast Start Training:This is a must have start up manual for all serious Vemma reps. It will help you map out exactly where you are and where you want to go in Vemma. Remember, when you are taking a long road trip to a destination you have never been to, then you need to plan out your trip to make sure you don’t get lost and delayed.

5. Leave an Impression: VemmaStuff.comFor business cards, apparel and more, visit Make sure you already have your website set up when you order your business cards so you'll be able to include your website address.

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