Saturday, April 12, 2008

So, why do I need minerals?

So, why do I need minerals?

Minerals are amazing! They're amazing because even in infinitesimal amounts these nutrients can produce unexplainable, beneficial changes in body chemistry.* Minerals are nutrients required by the body to help facilitate a multitude of biochemical and physiologic processes necessary for the maintenance of life.* Some of these processes include supporting the health of organs, bones, tissue and the immune system.* Minerals, like vitamins, are not synthesized in our bodies; therefore we must acquire them from outside sources.

Why plant-source minerals?

Because plant source minerals are from Mother Nature herself! Here's how it works: plants assimilate minerals from the soil they are embedded in and in the process, an amazing conversion that science has not been able to duplicate takes place, preparing some of them for human consumption. Nature really intended for humans to get minerals from plant foods — lots of minerals. As a matter of fact, minerals can be found in nearly all foods that are grown in soil. Carrots, grapes, name it. The problem in this day and age is that food processing, chemical fertilizers and overused crop lands make it impossible to get a wide spectrum of minerals from our diets. We just aren't getting what nature intended. Nothing is more beneficial than a full range of plant source minerals sourced from deposits that are thousands of years old — it's like harnessing the power of nature!

Where do I get minerals?

Look for a product that is plant-sourced, ionic, and contains as many major, trace and ultra-trace minerals as possible in an ionic liquid form. These types of minerals are extracted from nutrient-dense plant vegetation that has been undisturbed for thousands of years. The absolute best have been broken down into a bioavailable (body-ready) ionic state. This means the minerals are reduced to the smallest component that minerals can exist in and still retain their physical properties and are suspended into a completely dissolved liquid form. The result is a 100% ionic liquid mineral product that is easy for the body to absorb and use. This is important because as we age, the ability of the body to handle minerals declines, so body-ready minerals can be very helpful indeed!

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