Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Your Human Time Bomb Ticking

A controversial ‘raw’ transcript of a book due to be published late autumn reveals that the majority of the population is ‘killing themselves’ because of the worst nutritional deprivation the UK has been subjected to in its history.

Leading sustainability, food, and health expert, Dr. Robert Verkerk BSc MSc DIC PhD, admits in the document that most people are unaware of the health time bomb ticking inside them.

The controversial report is the product of a hush-hush meeting held at a private country residence in snow-hit Kent, 26th February, 2005.

The meeting agenda:

To expose the perilous state of nutritional value in the foods supplied in this country (Dr. Verkerk explains why even so called fresh supermarket foods have been tested and shown to be seriously nutrition-deficient), and to finally wake up the population en masse to the facts about the fatal diseases these deficiencies are causing—and what individuals can do about it.


Shocking nutrient deficiencies coupled with consumption of excessive quantities of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats will kill large segments of the population years often decades before natural lifespan should end.

Consider these facts:

Over the last 50 years the levels of key minerals within fruits and vegetables in the UK have declined by up to 70%.Dietary surveys show that large sectors of the population are deficient in particular vitamins (e.g. C, D, K) or minerals (e.g. selenium, zinc, magnesium) despite the growth of the organic fruit and vegetable industries, and the increased availability of ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables.RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowance) do not reflect the dosages required for optimum nutrition. Dr. Verkerk exposes the folly of the RDAs, which the medical fraternity continue to misuse as their yardstick for assessing adequacy of vitamins and minerals in the human diet.

Did you know?

The RDA was created during the second world war to advise on minimum levels of particular nutrients soldiers should ingest to prevent vitamin deficiency diseases such as scurvy, pellagra, beriberi and rickets. RDAs do not reflect the dosages required for optimum nutrition. For example: the estimated adequate—not optimum—nutrient concentrations established for non-human primates and other animals are often several hundred times higher for many key vitamins and minerals compared with RDAs set for humans.

You work it out.

The harsh reality is that even an apparently ‘balanced diet’ today will leave your immune system severely weakened. As a result it seriously impedes the self-healing mechanisms within the body.

Worse still, the typical children’s diet is so bad we will see an explosion of cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases unlike anything we have experienced to date.

This is causing an invisible diseasetime bomb to tick in your body
Dr. Verkerk says, “Today, you might look and feel healthy and energetic. But unless you are extremely unusual, a disease time bomb is likely to be ticking in your system. That time bomb consists of the onset of major degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity which can both severely limit your lifespan and your quality of life.

Verkerk confirms in the transcript, “It is more or less impossible to reach the optimal levels of nutrients by eating commercially produced foods at this stage of history, because the foods—even whole foods— are so dramatically altered from those with which we evolved.”

Corporate interests, it seems, are controlling our destiny

“We all think we live in a free society but it’s so far from free,” Verkerk says. “If you really want to live your natural life—naturally healthy and vibrant well into later life—you should not rely on either the existing medical system, or the vast majority of commercially produced foods.”

We are being ‘controlled’ by biased laws and a biased medical system
“The orthodox medical system has spent little effort trying to understand the link between nutrition (which includes food supplements) and health, and we are now paying with our lives.

“In the work we are doing with the Alliance for Natural Health (Dr. Verkerk is founder and executive director) we are dismantling a lot of the very limited studies and positively shaping legislation so that prevention of disease becomes our future health care system.

“There are thousands of published studies demonstrating the benefits of food supplements—but—European law makes it illegal to talk about the health benefits of supplements. This is simply perverse.”

New regulation in Europe effectively‘locks out’ all but the big boys
“New regulation will actually prevent any health claims being made on any food unless you have met a very substantial data requirement. The problem is, the only companies that will be able to do this are the big boys. So any leading-edge food supplement manufacturer that hasn’t got the deep pockets needed to put those data together won’t be able to make it.”

Get this controversial transcript today—FREE—and discover what you can and MUST do to stop your Human Time Bomb ticking.

If you are even remotely interested in your health and wellbeing—and that of your children—I urge you to get and act on the critical information Dr. Verkerk reveals.

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