Friday, April 25, 2008


From the desk of
Les Berenson MD, FACP
To: Mike Radford

Dear Mike,

It is with great enthusiasm I write this letter to share my professional experiences with you and everyone who visits the ExProAthletes website.

As a sports fan it saddens my heart to see any gifted athlete sustain an injury that often leads to his or her early retirement from professional competition. The St. Louis Cardinals’ great catcher, Mike Matheny comes to mind as he suffered Post-Concussion Syndrome cutting his career in Major League Baseball short by at least two seasons. NFL quarterbacks, Steve Young, and Troy Aikman also sustained PCS along with Muhammad Ali and many others.

As a medical doctor who has studied and compared hundreds of allopathic and naturopathic approaches to healing, I have discovered an all-natural botanical alternative to pharmaceuticals that has rocked the traditional modality of treating severe inflammation in joints, muscles and even the brain.

The medical term for this botanical fruit is called, Garcinia Mangostana and should any of my colleagues in medicine wish to learn more about it, go to: then in the search bar type the word Xanthones Garcinia Mangostana -- a list of 36 published research articles will be displayed and for Xanthones 1,516 published research articles will be displayed.

The juice derived from the whole fruit puree has passed ALL the strict guidelines from Consumer Laboratories has given its seal of approval for use by all professional sports and Olympic athletes. (Scroll to bottom of this page for full list of approved supplements).

In my 30 years as a physician, this is the most exciting alternative to drug therapy I have ever seen. Why? Because I have first hand knowledge and personal experience with my patients that prove beyond a doubt, Mangosteen is the most powerful NATURAL
anti-inflammatory I have ever discovered.

Every athlete, professional or amateur should be consuming this 100% natural juice produced from the whole fruit puree. In my opinion, it enables the body to heal faster from injury and boost the immune system to fight fatigue and other issues unique to the elite athlete.
Yours truly,
Les Berenson, M.D. FACP

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Product Name(Categories for which Product was tested for identity and quality of prime ingredient. Links are to the appropriate Product Review)
Manufacturer or Distributor
Date Tested
AstaREAL Astaxanthin***
Fuji Health Science Inc.
April 2007
Blueberry Eye (Japan)***
Wakasa Seikatsu Co., Ltd.
April 2007
HIRO™ Energy
Tahitian Noni International, Inc.
August 2007
Max GXL***
Max International
July 2007
NITRO FX™, Noni whole plant extract Nitric oxide formula**
Enliven International, Inc.
May 2006
Original Limu™****
The Limu Company, LLC.
March 2008
OS Endurance Cherry***
Maximum Energy Corp.
April 2007
Sports Eye (Japan)****
Wakasa Seikatsu
April 2007
Tahitian Noni® Liquid Dietary Supplement*
Tahitian Noni International, Inc.
September 2005
Vemma® Mangosteen Plus™ with Essential Minerals®***
Dist. by Vemma Nutrition Company
July 2007
XanGo™, Mangosteen supplement**
August 2006
Zen Nutrition Super Drive (Japan)***
Brisk, Inc.
April 2007
*Testing based on World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited list available in 2005.
**Testing based on World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited list available in 2006.
***Testing based on World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited list available in 2007.
****Testing based on World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited list available in 2008.
Unless otherwise noted, information about the products listed above is based on the samples purchased by for this Product Review. Manufacturers may change product ingredients and information at any time, so be sure to check labels carefully when evaluating the products you use or buy. If a product's ingredients differ from what is listed above, it may not necessarily be of the same quality as what was tested. It also cannot be assumed that other products from a manufacturer or distributor listed above are of equal quality to those listed.
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