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Why Some People Almost Always Achieve Their Dreams?

Why Some People Almost Always Achieve Their Dreams?
Jerry Heng

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Are you feeling frustrated that you are getting nowhere in life? Do you always get criticized whether you talk to your friends about your dreams? Do you know why you cannot reach your goals, although you have written them down? This feeling should be totally eliminated, if you want to achieve your goals.

Many people want to improve the way things are. They want to get rich, change their lifestyle, live a better life and be prosperous. However, the answers to these wants are not out there, but in your mindset. In fact, many of us have the wrong mindset, which causes us to see things as problems and not taking actions to change.

When we are young, we are teachable, and we absorb all kinds of mindsets, whether good or bad. All these are being transformed to attitudes and thought patterns that stayed with us over the years. The wrong mindset will hinder your success, and limit your opportunities as you will tend to see everything as problems, and not taking actions to change the situations.

For instance, you can try talking to your friends about network marketing, telling your parents that you want to pursue your dream, and how wealthy some businessmen are without gong to school. Generally, you may expect to hear negative responses.

One of the responses is that ‘Money does not grow on trees’. It is true that money does not come to you just after a dream, unless for those who grow up in well-to-do families. What is needed is in fact, hard work with the correct strategies, for you to become wealthy. By thinking that you will be poor, you will not be able to be wealthy, as your mind is being conditioned to be poor.

Quite often heard is the comment “The rich keep all the secrets to themselves”. This is not true. When you go to bookstores, you can easily see books on business, written by successful businessmen. In fact, many successful people do not start off rich. However, by willing to learn and taking massive actions, they are able to achieve success. And there are many seminars and courses organized by these businessmen, teaching people the strategies on investing, mindset and business models, which are proven successfully themselves.

Getting a good education does not mean that you will be wealthy. In the olden days, this may be true, as a person can stay in a company for years and then retire with a huge sum of money. Nowadays, it is very difficult to achieve financial freedom through a job. And there is no such thing as a permanent job, with intense global competition.

You definitely deserve to have dreams. Do not be infected by the wrong mindsets. To lead the lifestyle that you desire, you need to have a vision, correct strategies, and take massive actions to reach this goal.

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