Saturday, April 5, 2008

Vemma and Verve Online Training Course

Get your Members Started It's Important to Listen to the Remaining Calls on Vemma University.

When you've listened to them all, listen to them again.

When your New Members join, send them a Welcome Message with the first 2 or 3 Steps for Getting Started. Call and speak with them as soon as possible.

Send them to this Forum with these Steps for Getting Started.

This step may happen before you have been through your other steps, so get assistance from your Enroller if required, and you and your new member can learn together. That's a great way to do it because you're making money while you learn!

Ask them to fill out a Goal Sheet too, so you can get some idea of how much time they want to spend versus how much money they want to make! Once you know what their Goals are and how much time they have, you can advise them on how to build their business.

Join the Vemma and Verve Online Training Course and get everone off to a fast start.

Building a business is not the same as working for a paycheck. It’s not about how many hours you put in and how much money did you make. It’s about building a system that creates a pipeline of income that lasts long after the effort it took to build it.

If you’re not building one of your own income generating assets then I guarantee that you’re probably working right now to build someone else’s.

Best-selling Author Robert Kiyosaki has a great book out right now that he wrote with Donald Trump called Why We Want You To Be Rich Two men with one message.

You may not think you need to build a business because you already make good money at your job, but jobs can change. It is always a good idea to dig a well before you need the water.

Take a look at this book and see why everyone should have some source of additional income always coming in.

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