Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Full Size Verve Vending Machine

Glass Front Verve Coolers -- $565
Large Round Verve Coolers -- $435
Full Size Verve Vending Machine -- $3495

For more detailed information on Verve Vending go to:

Anyone interested in bringing Verve Vending to Cancun, Mexico
please contact: Frank Tocco at


Charles HannaThe Hanna Group
Vending & Related Equipment, Sales & Service
Tel: 913 894 4979
Tel: 800 397 8363
Fax: 913 894 0252

Shipping costs will be determined by quantity purchased and total weight.
Many of our vending companies in Mexico usually arrange for shipping to USA
border states and they take possession at the border and take it into Mexico.
In this way they control the freight costs even more.

The Verve vending Machine will be introduced in Mexico in July.
If you would like, I will gladly assist you in becoming a distributor.

Thank you. We remain large enough to serve you and small enough to care since 1976

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