Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Plain And Simple Truth About Objections

"If you don't learn to eliminate or overcome objections, you will never make any real money in network marketing."
-- Hilton Johnson

What is the first thought that pops into your head when you hear any of the following:

"Is this network marketing?"

"Do I have to do any selling?"

"Is it going to cost me anything?"

"How much money have YOU made so far?"

Do you cringe when prospects say these kinds of things to you? Do you wish you had something magical you could say that would overcome these objections?

If so, guess what: YOU'RE the problem, not your prospects.

You see, you're not hearing objections at all. You're hearing questions.
A question is not always an objection. Sometimes we unnecessarily perceive questions as resistance and many times that's simply not true. We need to know the difference between a question and an objection.

Now, are some questions objections? Sure.

How about these for example:

"Is this one of those pyramid scams?"

"If this is so great, why ain't you rich?"

"Why don't you go out and get a real job?"

"Would you like to leave on your own power or shall I throw you out?"

Yes, when you hear these kinds of questions, you're getting objections and a good way to deal with them is to gracefully disqualify those prospects and move on.

But, when a prospect asks a logical question, why not simply respond to the question and not assume that you're getting an objection.

If a prospect asks if it's network marketing, answer with a yes and ask how he or she feels about network marketing.

If they ask if they have to do some selling, tell them they can if they want to.

If they ask you how much money you're making, tell them it's none of their business.

You will be amazed at how powerful you can be when responding to questions and/or objections head on without avoidance, assumptions, and pretensions.

Look at it this way; all questions are good. They either show interest or they are objections that create opportunities. Yes, opportunities.

You'll get to have some fun.

For example, when you get real objections, you can:

Disqualify your prospect. (Disqualifying is fun and you save your valuable time.)

Practice your scripts and dialogues without risk. (Hey, these prospects are no good; you have nothing to lose.)

Test your sales skills by trying to overcome the objection.

Use objections as opportunities to close (Another article).

Improve your sense of humor.
(Your horror stories will be funny later when you tell them to your downline.)

But, the best strategy of all for dealing with objections is to not let them happen at all. That's right, you can avoid objections altogether by learning to present your program with a structured, question-based presentation that is designed to eliminate objections before they come up.

To sample a presentation that can eliminate 100% of the objections you've been getting, you may want to attend a Magnetic Sponsoring on the "Selling By Attraction" training program.

Now, let me ask you something: Do you know the difference between a question and an objection and do you know how to respond to both?

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