Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Develop Momentum

Written by Todd Falcone

Take a look at your business today and create a FRESH start to your business.

NOW is the time to take the appropriate action to finally free yourself and get what you want out of your Network Marketing business.

Procrastination kills…do it now. Get with it…get busy, get going. Don’t wait, hesitate, and don’t stop. Begin now. Action equals results. Results equal money. Money equals freedom, fun and no stress. More money equals more fun. Anyone who tells you different is either lying or broke.

I’m not saying money buys happiness,but I’ve heard the only one’s who say money doesn’t buy happiness tend to be B.R.O.K.E. If you want money and production out of your business in 2002, than follow these guidelines:

1. 90 Day plan of action.
Start now with a brand new plan….90 days of flat out, balls to the wall ACTION. Put away the television, the golf clubs and the Budweiser. Get up earlier, stay up later, and talk to more people every single day.

2. Set BIG Goals.
Write down big goals that you want to accomplish and put specific dates to them. If you have procrastinated in the past, written down goals and forgotten about them…don’t. This time, do it. Stick to your responsibilities. Don’t flake on yourself.

3. Use every product and/or service your company markets.
Become the epitome of “a product of the product”. If you market nutrition and you’re using Flinstone’s vitamins because they’re cheaper, throw Barney away and use YOUR product.

4. Become an expert of your marketing materials and use the best.
Thoroughly review, but don’t spend a lifetime doing it, all of your company’s marketing materials and only use the best of the best.

5. Attend EVERY company regional or national event possible.
Don’t flake or make excuses, go, book the airfare and hotel now. Make the commitment.

6. Listen to and participate in ALL of your company’s calls, and BRING PROSPECTS to them.
Make the commitment not to attend UNLESS you are bringing someone. And, since you are now making the commitment to attend every call, you’ll just have to figure out how to get someone there. Commit to it. Don’t fail yourself.

7. Prospect new people every day.
When you are out, make the commitment to meet someone and present the opportunity. Take advantage of the 60-yard rule. Forget the 3-foot rule, some of you are walking too far away from people so you don’t have to talk to new people.

That’s why I invented the 60-yard rule…anyone within a 60-yard radius is a candidate. Put your prospecting jersey on and makethe 60-yard dash to talk to strangers whenever you can. So what if they say no…at least you tried.

Don’t let your grave stone say….”
Here lies Henry…thought about doing it but never did.”
Wouldn’t you rather it say,
“Here lies Henry, did everything he possibly could, and then some his entire life to impact as many people as he possibly could with a positive message about what it’s like to have financial freedom and abundance in their lives.

8. Communicate with your upline and downline regularly.
Don’t be a disappearing donut. Call your upline, work with yourdownline. Be visible. Communicate and play team. Your upline or downline should never be saying or even thinking…”Hmmm…I wonder what Sally is up to these days.” They should know because you are building STRONG relationships. And, strong relationships revolve around constant communication.

9. Be a top performer in your team or company.
Make it a point to be known as a top recruiter, top customer gatherer, or top dog with whatever it is you are doing. Your team will duplicate what you are doing and attempt to do whatever they can to keep up. Would you rather have them keeping up with a slug or a jaguar?

10. Sign up new people PERSONALLY every month.
Forget management, there’s no money in it. Get into production mode, not overseeing mode. Be the leader…set the example. Sponsor more people than anyone else around you. Talk to more people everyday than you thought was possible last week, last month or last year. Stretch yourself beyond all limitations.

11. Develop leaders every 1 to 2 months.
Get your new people who are building the business to STEP UP. Force them into a leadership role. Get them to host conference calls and to participate in a leadership role somehow, some way, within your organization. Put the pressure on them to take on RESPONSIBILITY now.

12. Be persistent and consistent.
Forget about obstacles or distractions and don’t make excuses. Get over it around it, or under it. Blow it up if you have to. Obstacles are easy to overcome if you WANT to overcome them and are COMMITTED to it. Don’t let anything get in your way.

You have a goal in mind and are committed to seeing it through. Don’t let some ridiculous distraction stop you from getting what you want. And…whatever you do, don’t blame anyone, anything, or any circumstance for your failure or success. It’s not the problem with the comp plan, your sponsor, your product or marketing system. It is up to you. Step up and take responsibility.

The good news is that when you do succeed, you have only one person to blame, and that’s you. And…I’m sure you wouldn’t mind blaming yourself for that $20,000 monthly check!

13. Treat it like a business, not a hobby. Get hot or get out.
Don’t be luke-warm. Don’t be an absentee manager. Show up for work every day and work like you are leaving for a 6-week European vacation tomorrow. It’s amazing what we can all get accomplished when we KNOW we are leaving tomorrow for vacation. Get busy doing Revenue Producing Activities.

If you owned a business that cost you a million to get it, you would make sure that you did everything possible to make a profit for fear of losing your million dollars invested. Treat this business like it cost you a fortune and it will make you a fortune. Treat it like a hobby and it will cost you a fortune.

14. Work with those who deserve it.
Now that you are DEADLY SERIOUS about your enterprise, you can only afford to work with serious, committed people. Forget about the whiners, moaners and complainers. We ALL have them on our team, it comes with the territory. Work only with serious committed individuals who have the same goals in mind you do…massive success.

Here’s a good way of determining who the RIGHT ONES are: Are they calling you for 3-ways? Are they making calls? Are they eager to learn the business? Are they participating in all training and recruiting calls? Or…did they disappear after you sponsored them? Do they procrastinate and say “I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet?”

15. Understand what you are marketing.
Know the importance and significance of whatever product or service it is you are marketing.

16. Celebrate Success.
When new people sign up a new customer or distributor, or reach a higher status level, call them! Congratulate them and let them know you are proud of them for doing such an awesome job. Give recognition to all of your people for the things they accomplish. NEVER EVER ignore the successes of others on your team. Recognize it and celebrate it together.

17. When you reach a newlevel, don’t lay back.
Once you’ve achieved a new level of success in your company, it is time to solidify it, not lay back and have a Budweiser and wipe your brow. Take it to the next level. Celebrate your personally achievement and keep moving forward.

18. Believe in your business and in our industry.
Make sure that you live every day knowing in your heart, mind and soul that you ARE in the right opportunity and in the right industry. Don’t ever doubt it, don’t ever waiver or wonder if you did the right thing. The only time you DON’T do the right thing is when you either don’t get to work or you quit before your time is due.

Network Marketing is a 50+year old industry with thousands of people who have become multi-millionaires working from home. You are part of an incredible industry with unlimited opportunity. There are people right now in YOUR company that are seeing huge successes and huge incomes. You ARE in the right business and you ARE in the right industry. Now all you need to do is GET to WORK. Remember…it is called NetWORK Marketing!


ToddFalcone has been a successful field leader for over a decade. He is also a public speaker, trainer and personal coach to several top producing network marketers. He lives in Seattle with his wife,Carla, and son, Gianni.

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