Thursday, May 1, 2008

What is effective positioning? By Frank Tocco

What is effective positioning? By Frank Tocco

Before we chat about that we need to understand our single, most important
role as a home based business owner...

What's the single most important function of your business?
Many would call it sales, we call it marketing (this all comes back to the whole
push VS pull scenario we discussed in a prior email). Marketing, without doubt,
is the MOST important thing you can and should be doing for your business.

That's what feeds you. It's what keeps the lights on and pays the rent. You can
have a great product, fantastic customer service, an upline that picks up their
phone and responds to your needs, etc, BUT without effective marketing in place
everything else is UNNECESSARY.

Yes, it's unnecessary. If you're not moving your products why would one need
all that other stuff?

One of the strangest phenomenon’s that we witness is some of the very first actions
that home based business owners take when they "get into business"...
You know the've seen it (and maybe you've even done some of these
yourself over the years)...

1. They buy hundreds or even thousands of business cards.

2. They purchase a ton of product inventory.

3. Don't forget the motivational tools, product handouts, audios, marketing cd's
and all the other "must have" items to grow a business.

There's a ton of other items too, but this is a good starting point.

What's the ONE thing that should be top of mind and FIRST priority for a new
(or even seasoned) home based business owner?

How about HOW to use marketing pieces and how to deliver messages that will
bring prospects to you like a commercial grade, 5 ton magnet

Yes, the most important TOOL a home based business owner can ever learn to

I know, I know...

When people think about being a business owner most don't think about becoming
a marketer - THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE.

And, it's not a bad thing. Be proud of it.

As a marketer, you learn the art and science of having prospects approach you
and not the other way around - this is the key to growing a massive organization.
Marketers move products and sale lots of them. If you don't, you don't get
paid. Your family doesn't eat. And all of those dreams you had about the
fancy house, and the sports car remain...well, just a dream.

One (of many that we'll discuss in future writings) important piece of mastering that
piece of the puzzle is to understand, implement and master the skill of...


Positioning yourself in all facets of your marketing. Whether you're dropping post
cards, handing out business cards, setting up data capture pages (squeeze pages),
etc. - this is one concept that becoming REALLY proficient at is NOT optional.

This is how large organizations are built. This is how huge companies get big and
stay big. This is how leaders get up on stage every week and watch their downline
grow by an enormous amount of reps - in less than an hour or two.
This is how YOU are going to grow a massive downline too.

With every aspect of your marketing there are 3 very important, yet basic
rules to live by:

1. Always lead with the product (there's always a better paying opportunity out
there - I PROMISE you. By doing this your retention rates will be higher too.
We'll chat about this in future notes.

2. Always position yourself. Make them (your prospects) see and feel your
passion and let them understand why YOU are the expert and why they should
go to you to purchase your products.

3. Your marketing pieces should be track able - you should be able to see how well
(or not so well) your marketing is performing. You want to ultimately know what's
giving you the greatest return on the marketing dollars that you're using (so you can do more of it) and what aspects of your marketing are costing you money (so you can do less of it or even eliminate those performing poorly).

Bottom line...

To grow a business and do so in a big way, it has nothing to do with chasing others,
driving all over town and MICROMANAGING your business.

It has EVERYTHING to do with putting the numbers of success in your favor.
The only way you can do that is by having large numbers of people that
are approaching you daily and weekly and asking you for more information.

That, my friend, is effective positioning.

Regardless of what you're marketing, how great your products, how long
your company has been around and whether they're private or public,
having others approaching you is how you build a large organization.

Case in point...

This same email is going out to more than 30,000 home based business
owners just like you from dozens of different countries and I PROMISE you
that I didn't chase one single person to be on this list.

Just a thought, but have you started building your list yet? This is a whole
different topic for another day, but it's definitely something to be adding
to your list of tasks of things to get done.

The next time you're creating a capture page, making a business card,
working on a postcard, or any other type of marketing material - think about how you're going to position yourself...

To your marketing success,

Frank Tocco

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