Saturday, May 10, 2008

Say Hello to Verve in "The Land Down Under"

Say Hello to Verve in "the land Down Under"!

Verve is ready to make a splash in Australia and New Zealand! Vemma's best-selling energy drink has emerged as one of North America's leading nutritional beverages and hopes to do the same in "the land Down Under".

Edging out the competition, Verve is three products in one: ultra premium nutritional formula, mangosteen and aloe juice phytonutrients and an energy blend. By offering a complete package of three great products, it is quickly becoming consumers' energy boost and supplement of choice.

Verve gives people what their bodies and their mind need all in one very eye-catching, 8.3 ounce can. With air shipping it's pricier than the other drinks, but
Verve delivers a healthy impact other energy drinks can't match at any price.

Pricing and product information are now available on your and websites, so get in touch with your contacts in Australia and New Zealand today! By building your Verve business on a global scale, the possibilities are endless!

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