Saturday, May 10, 2008

Set Up Your Free "MyVemma" Company Website

The Vemma Company website is given to all Vemma Members to show prospects the Products, Opportunity, & Compensation Plan. The Vemma Company Back Office has full training for Members, plus genealogy and commission details, and more..

Set up your free "MyVemma" Company website. Each Member of Vemma receives a free "MyVemma" website, which is used to:

1. Promote the Vemma opportunity and products, using The Vemma Scene Video
Follow up email messages from Vemma

Detailed Information about the Vemma products, the Vemma Company and the Vemma Compensation Plan

2. Gain access to the Vemma Members back office which includes:
Genealogy details
Autoship details
Bonus, Account and Order History
Cycle Tracker
Visitor Info
An HTML broadcasting system for contacting prospects.
News Events,
Recorded calls
Banners and Images for advertising.
A Vemma University (comprehensive training)
Magazine Archives,
A bookstore, and much more...

To set up your MyVemma website, print out these Graphical Instructions here This is where you log into the MyVemma Company site Once in your Vemma Back Office, look over to the right of the page, at the Grey Menu Bar. Click on Vemma University, then scroll down until you see all the Listed Calls.

These are all the Training calls over the last 2 years. Listen to this one to Get Started in your new Business:
Quick Start Training Call with Star Ambassador Tom Alkazin
Tom AlkazinJeff Hooks

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