Thursday, May 8, 2008

Learn All About The Vemma Company

Learn all about the Vemma Company

Vemma gives each Member (distributor) a free web site, for you to learn about the products, compensation plan, view your genealogy, and more.

They also have a Vemma University in the Back Office, with a wealth of information and recorded training calls, which is all set out so it's simple to find. Click on each link on the menu at the top of the Back Office, and familiarise yourself with everything.

As your business grows, you'll be able to see all the people in your Genealogy, and you'll be able to see your Weekly Pay commissions, from the "Cycle" menu linkLearn about Vemma's- Products and - Compensation Plan (how you will get paid)

There is a really good video about the Compensation Plan. Look for it in the Back Office, and it's also located at the front of the website where your prospects can see it. Call your upline enroller and speak with them often, or get on our Team calls or company training calls and discuss ideas with the whole team.

These calls in Vemma University are great to listen to next:

"Building Your Business as a Professional Networker — Part Three"
Erik Cloud

Building Your Business as a Professional Networker — Part Two
Erik Cloud

Building Your Business as a Professional Networker — Part One
Erik Cloud

Keep in mind that the training is there to help train people but that does not mean that your business will grow just because you’re trained.

It takes action to grow a business. Sharing the drink and the magazine will grow your business faster than any training will. The training is there so we can learn from those who have already grown their Vemma business profitably. As we’ve learned earlier, why re-invent the wheel?

Learn from their successes and failures.
Knowing which training audio to give to someone in your business at the right time can help you build momentum. Audio training Cds found on your MyVemma website under vemma university are just bullets to use to keep the momentum going. Don’t think you have to explain everything, just direct people to the right training when they’re ready for it.

Once again, resist the temptation to think you have to know everything and do everything yourself. You don’t!

The times that you have shared a book, magazine or drink with people, did you explain every detail of it to them? NO. You just gave it to them and asked what they thought about it, right?
Do only that, consistently and your business will grow.

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