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Actual Building Of The Business Marketing The Products and Opportunity

This portion of the training deals with the actual building of the business
and many people have lots of ideas of how to go about building theirs.

Ideas are good but when first starting out it a good idea to follow a proven plan.

By Proven I mean that it has worked successfully over and over again and its easy for others to duplicate.

Why re-invent the wheel?

Now, let me ask two you a questions.

Have you ever shared a drink with someone?
and, Have you ever given someone a book or magazine to read?

Obviously most people can answer yes to those two questions. My point is, if you can do that, then you are qualified to build this business because in reality, that’s all the top money earner in Vemma do. Share a magazine and a drink with people over and over again.
Its very simple and it works!

Market Products and Opportunity

There are 2 main ways of building a Network Marketing business:

1) Sell Products to Customers Offline and Online. Make a list of all the people you know, who have a health challenge, and contact them about the products.

2) Sell Products to Customers and Market the Opportunity to Entrepreneurs. Show your Business Partners how you sell the products to customers.

To find business partners offline, make a list of people you know who you would like to work with, in the business.

The following Calls are from Vemma University. Listen to these about speaking to potential Business entrepreneurs:
Recruiter's Masters Class
Erik Cloud

Working Leads — How to Help Your Prospects Sell Themselves
Cathy Wendte

Prospecting and Three-Way Calling
Dave Rasmussen

To make money in Network Marketing, there are two very important things:
Have plenty of people that are interested in earning income from home to show your site to, and
Follow up with these people to see if they are the right people for YOU ( you get to pick who you want to work with) and if this is right for them.

Build a relationship with those people.
This Step will talk about number
1) and the next few steps will give directions for the Follow up. Whether you're doing this offline or online, show them the Vemma Scene Video, and follow up after they've seen it.

After seeing it, ask if they want more info.

If yes, then show them the Products and Compensation plan ( on your MyVemma site).

2) Send people to your website.
There are a number of ways to do this.
Offline This is REALLY easy when using the Vemma Scene DVD (the same movie that's on top of your MyVemma website) and/or the Your Business At Home Magazine. If you live in the United States, Canada or Australia, you can purchase the Magazine and lend to your prospects. This works VERY well.

So, make a list of at least a hundred people that you could talk to about the business. Even people that you haven't seen for 5 years or more, you can contact them also.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to explain everything about Vemma to them. The tools will do that for you. The Success At Home Magazines and the Vemma/Verve DVD’s will get people excited and add credibility and can buy found at VemmaTools.

Purchase some Your Success At Home Magazines, and lend out 1 to each of your friends and family. Here's what Peter Francis (our $50,000 a month upline leader) did with the DVDs before the Magazines were released. Now, he's doing this with the Magazines.

Put the magazines in Dr's surgeries, chiropractors, dentist, anywhere there is a waiting room. Staple your business card on the front and back of magazine, plus a sticker with your Name, Phone Number, email address and Website address. Also stick a business card and/or sticker on the DVD, to make sure people can contact you. We've had people call us in Australia, after finding one of these magazines in America. United States and Canadian people can purchase the Magazine at Discounted prices and obtain Free Shipping from here: Purchase Magazines
Australians can purchase the Magazines from here: Australians Purchase Magazine
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simple Marketing Technique of Top Income Earner - Peter Francis
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Peter Francis has a really easy way to work with people offline, and 6 out of 10 people he speaks to are becoming members in Vemma. This is what he does.

Peter gets into a conversation with people by asking them what they do. They always return the question asking him what he does. He tells them he "helps people earn an extra 4-5 checks monthly with his company Vemma". People nearly always say to him. "What is Vemma?" and Peter says "do you have a DVD player?" They nearly always says "yes", so he says "good, because I have a DVD you can borrow for a few days, to find out what Vemma is".Then, he hands them the DVD or Magazine and tells them he'll call within 48 hours and will ask 2 questions:

1) Are you interested in knowing more about the movie?

2) Depending on the answer to question 1, I will ask when I can come and get my DVD.

When Peter calls within 48 hours, if the person is not interested, he'll get his DVD and ask if they know of anyone else who might be interested. If they are interested, he visits their home (or calls them on the phone) and answers any questions, then gets them to log into their own computer and sign up. Then, he sets up their MyVemma website for them. Peter signs up 6 out of 10 people who he shows the DVD to.Remember, Peter is now a Star Ambassador ( top position in the company) and is the 3rd from the top Leader in Vemma right now (January 2007). These are very simple methods he uses, which make this business sooo easy to build.
A) Give a copy of the DVD to your friends and family, and other people you meet. Do not "sell" them on the opportunity, just give them the DVD like Peter does. Some will join you, if they catch onto your excitement and if they are ready.

B) LEADS This call is VERY good for learning what to say to Leads on the phone:
Go to Vemma University ( in your Vemma Back office ) then scroll down to
Working Leads — How to Help Your Prospects Sell Themselves
Cathy Wendte

The fastest way to build a network marketing business, is to use a good source of leads and to email and phone those leads. Leads are people who've asked for information about a home based business, and they're waiting to hear from someone. It's VERY important to phone these people, just emailing doesn't work because of all the filters on email these days .We recommend calling these people and when speaking to them personally, get them to look at the Vemma Scene Video on your MyVemma website. Leave them to look at it, and say that you'll call back in 15 minutes.

After looking at the video, if they're interested in knowing more, simply show them where to look at the Products ( Order and Info ), the Company and the Pay Plan which are all located on the first page of your MyVemma website. Then, ask them if they are still interested. If they want to wait, tell them about how you're talking to a lot of people, and if they wait too long, others will go ahead of them, instead of below.

If you only get a voice mail, then follow up with personal email messages from an auto responder. Do not rely on the email messages though, follow up on the phone also. Keep trying until you can speak with the person.

C) Pay Per Click Advertising:
Use Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising to send traffic to your website. PPCs are a terrific way to generate your own leads, at a very low cost (if you learn how to do it and take some time to set it up). If you want assistance with these ask someone who is already having success with them. It's quite a challenge to learn them on your own.

D) Participate at Online Forums and Yahoo Groups
Go to Forums and join Yahoo groups where you meet people with similar interests.e.g. golf, cooking, scuba diving, football, music. There are LOTS of forums here.
Here they are...
Use a signature file (see in a later step) so people can get to know you.

E) Start a Blog on your favorite topic to attract people with similar interests. Use a newsletter to go with the blog. Here is an Online Course for Setting up a Blog:

The last two ( D and E ) will take a long time to establish, and are quite a slow way of meeting people for your business. That's because many of the people you meet will not be looking for a business.

There are lots of other ways to build the business too, and it's important for you to do whatever is fun for you. Find a balance between doing what builds the business the fastest and doing what you like doing. It's not much fun doing stuff you really dislike even if everyone tells you it's going to make you money.

When Verve comes to Mexico, we will be promoting at the rave and beach parties in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen to create a buzz about the product. This will in turn create an awareness and demand for Verve and then we’ll approach the stores, bars and gyms in the area. Get with your enroller to find out more.The Training in your Vemma back office has more ideas, and we will discuss more later. Speak with your Enroller or Upline and brainstorm about which methods suit you best, according to your time and money.

Stay tuned for more training soon and go out and share some product and magazines today.
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