Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Use the Products and become a Product of the Product

Use the Products and become a Product of the Product

No-one in the Network Marketing industry makes rock star money without taking the products. For the first few weeks, you should have contact with your enroller every few days to see how you are going.

If your Enroller has been calling and leaving you messages, please call them back. For the 1st 30 days, your only goal is to become a product of the product. The Vemma Nutrition Program should make you feel good, give you more energy and keep you healthy. So, learn as much as you can about the products - the best way to learn is to take them.

Did you know that Vemma is featured in the last 3 editions of the Physicians Desk Referrence, (the PDR is the Bible for doctors all over the world) you won't find just ANY product in there.

Read about the products on your MyVemma Website. There's a lot of information on the product page - go to http://www.myvemma.com/YourName/product.jsp (replace YourName with the Username you chose when setting up your MyVemma website.

Read testimonials from people using the product and the results they are having are excellent third-party stories to use when people ask about Vemma.

Here is a Vemma Product Brochure

Listen to this call on Vemma University about the Products. There's no need to remember all the info. on this call - it's just to build your belief in how good the product is.
The Power of the Vemma Nutrition Program
Dr. Pam Fowers

For the 1st 30 days, whenever you get a question from someone else, email or call your Enroller (or further upline if your enroller is new). Someone else will answer the question with you. If it's an email, forward it on, your enroller will answer it and CC to you so you can learn.

Stay tuned for the next training of Sending People To Your Website

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