Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Is VEMMA?

What is VEMMA?Not Just another Juice.
VEMMA is the Most Complete Liquid Nutritional Supplement Available
VEMMA is featured in the last 3 editions of the Physicians Desk Referrence, you won't find just ANY product in there.

Scientifically verified tests by independant labs confirm VEMMA's superiority in many aspects over the competitors.

Since I started working Vemma in May 2006, I've given it to around 40 friends and family members to try.The results I'm getting back are amazing.

You can expect More Energy, Better Sleep and Less Stress thats for sure.I'm getting positive testimonials regarding almost anything you can think of, to name a few arthritis, fibromyalgia, cholesterol, headaches, back pain, pain from accidents, Iritable Bowel Syndrome, Diarhea, Allergies, Asthsma, ADD, Parkinsons Disease, Diabetes, Hypoglaucoma, Depression, Thyroid Problems, Hair and Nail problems, Ecxema, Acne, Blood Circulation, Urinary Tract Infection, Sickle Cell Anemia, Burns, Crohns Disease, Mouth Cankers, skin problems, Rashes, Weight Loss, Acid Reflux, Gas, and I'm serious - thie list goes on!One particular story about the efficacy of VEMMA is about a friend of mine, Lori Lampe from Bend, Oregon.

Lori had Crohn's Disease, a very painful, draining and sometimes embrassing auto-immune disorder that was so bad it had her cringing in pain on the floor in front of her 6 children a least a few times a week. The drugs they gave her only made it worse, one time she was landed in the hospital for a week with the worst flare up in her life and lost half of her hair because of the prescription they gave her. She was introduced to VEMMA (not by me) and was very skeptical as she'd tried Xango and Goji and a few other juice products to no avail. Well it's been about 8 months since she's been on VEMMA and she hasn't had any troubles since the 2nd day she was on it! That's the power of VEMMA, it literally changes lives.

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