Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Health Improvements From Taking Mangosteen And Minerals Can Be Documented By Actually Lab Results.

"Frank, I got your message asking if I'd share some specifics on my lab results since starting mangosteen and minerals. Feel free to take a look at the following information and share it with anyone who might like to take a look.

When you listen to the Dr. Edwards CD, it mentions that many of the health improvements from taking mangosteen and minerals can be documented by actually lab results. This has definitely been the case with me. I had a complete set of labs done at the National Institute of Health a week before I started taking Vemma, a second set of labs 3 weeks after starting Vemma and a third set of labs last Friday (7 weeks after starting Vemma).

After looking my labs over last Friday two different physicians at NIH asked me, "What have you be doing differently the last six weeks?" Both of them were shocked at the improvement in my labs. Here's some of the changes since I started Vemma:

The first thing I noticed ... and the change I'm most thrilled about ... is I've had a very noticeable increase in my energy level. Ever since I had pneumonia in 1995, I've suffer from AIDS related fatigue. I've felt like someone "unplugged" me about 2-3pm, and I've needed a nap almost daily.Within 10 days of starting Vemma, I noticed I wasn't running out of steam mid-afternoon, and I haven't had a nap in 6 weeks.

Here's a few of the changes in my labs:My triglycerides have gone from 292 down to 201 My HDL (good cholesterol) is up from 25 to 42 .... a Huge improvement My cholesterol is down from 234 to 217Note: Two weeks before starting Vemma, my Lipid Physician took me off Crestor and Tricor because my liver was definitely suffering overkill from processing both those drugs in addition to all my HIV meds ... He left me on Omacor (prescription fish oil) and Zetia. He told me to expect an increase in my cholesterol and triglycerides since I was stopping Crestor and Tricor. However, instead of going up, both actually decreased after I started mangosteen and minerals.
My hemoglobin is up from 11.4 to 13.1My Creatine level is down from 827 to 257 Glucose down from 105 to 99 My Blood Pressure is down 10-15 points Alanine Aminotransferase down from 171 to 94 Bilirubin Total down from 1.5 to .9 Bilirubin Direct down from .3 to .2 Aspartate down from 157 to 66 Lactate Dehydrogenase down from 234 to 186

I'm in two different studies at NIH and the newest one is a study at dealing with liver damage suffered by most people who have been on HIV meds for a number of years. My liver function tests have been significantly higher than normal for several years. Since starting mangosteen and minerals, there has been significant improvements in almost all my liver function labs ... most of my liver function tests went from being in the "High" into the "Normal" range.

These are only some of my lab results from NIH. Glancing at the complete list of results it's clear is there is distinct improvement in many areas and at least minor improvement in practically everything tested.

All is can say is, "HAVE YOU HAD YOUR SHOT TODAY?"..."

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