Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vemma Helped My Urinary Tract Infection

"Hi, my name is Lori from central Pennsylvania, I'm really happy to tell my story because so many women suffer from urinary tract infections.

Once in a while I develop a UTI and if you have ever had one you know exactly what it is. It is a very painful sensation with extreme pressure. Using antibiotics for ten days is about the only way to get rid of it.

Well, I'd been using minerals and mangosteen for a few months but one Sunday morning I woke up with the symptoms. I had been reading some research that showed that minerals and mangosteen was effective against many forms of bacteria so I decided to see if the mangosteen would help with my problem.

I didn't know exactly how much to use so I started out with two oz. of the minerals and mangosteen followed by a large glass of water. Then I had breakfast and about one hour later I had another 2 oz. followed by water. Soon after that I realized I had no more pain whatever and the frequency was greatly reduced. At lunch time I had another oz., another oz. in mid afternoon and another oz. in the evening. I really saturated myself with the product. The symptoms were completely gone in the first sixty minutes. Just to make sure it didn't come back, I took three or four oz. the next day.

However I really felt like it had done the trick in the first few hours. Now anytime something like that comes up I know what to do. I just use a whole lot of the minerals and mangosteen juice throughout the day.

It works. This stuff is powerful!"

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