Saturday, March 29, 2008

Partial List of Properties Revealed in Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been recognised for centuries because of its amazing healing properties. Aloe contains around 200 active compounds including many enzymes missing from food, 20 amino acids, minerals and vitamins including B12.

Aloe Vera is deeply penetrating, working first on the digestive system then saturating other body tissues with all its healing nutrients.

The ability to penetrate extends to other nutrients also. Recently, it was proven that delivery of vitamins into the blood is improved by up to 20% in the presence of Aloe. Researchers also found that the presence of Aloe causes the blood to hold the vitamins for longer, giving our bodies a greater chance to utilise the vitamins.

Following is a Partial list of properties revealed in Aloe Vera:

Nourishes Beautiful Skin from the inside
Internally deodorises and cleanses the body
Soothes and improves digestion
Natural pain-killer and immune booster
Anti-Psoriasis and Anti-Eczema
Anti-Candida “Thrush”
Normalises Blood Sugar
Faster Healing

Drink some Aloe with liquid vitamins everyday!

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