Monday, June 16, 2008

Increase Your Value

What can you do today that can double your income...attract others to you...and increase your effectiveness?

Increase your value!

A first place to start is, what do you know?
Whatever your area of expertise is, learn all you can about your professional. Become extremely familiar with the latest techniques and technology used by industry experts.

You can get up to speed with your industry by attending local seminars hosted by industry experts or read books and publications for your industry. Everything you may learn may not be of value to you, but take a nugget here and there of what you do find worthy of having and implement it. This is the foundation for increasing your value.

The second place is, who do you know?
Seek out the experts in your industry. Find out what these experts are doing. How have they improved? What's their secret? Perhaps what they will share with you can be another nugget to add to your collection. Always been out on the prowl looking for someone who can help you. This is the building blocks for increasing your value.

The final place is, when do you know enough is enough?
fact of the matter is, you will never know enough. There is so much out there that there isn't enough time in the world to know everything. Especially, because in some cases you may not even consider some of the techniques as being viable for you. So, that is why you need to be on a path of continuous learning. This is the icing on the cake for increasing your value, never stop learning.

When you increase your value, you become an expert. An expert that becomes sought out. An expert that is trustworthy. An expert that is effective. And, an expert that is a leader.These values put you in charge. In charge of your life and career. You will find yourself achieving what you once thought was impossible, now something totally doable.

You choose what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

In return you increase your income, effectiveness, and knowledge.
Dedicated to your success,
Jerome Ratliff

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