Sunday, June 15, 2008

How Can I Motivate Others To Become More Successful?

I get asked dozens of times every month by ambitious network marketers (even in my own organization) from all over the world, "How can I motivate others to become more successful?"

Now as great as it might sound to be able to motivate someone else, the answer is, you cannot successfully motivate others.

You may inspire them, but motivation for them must come from within.Anything less than internal motivation is like spray paint on rust. Eventually, when the motivation from an event or pep talk wears off, its a person's commitment that is left over.

You cannot motivate others to want to succeed any more than you can push a rope uphill.

Truth is, a person must first want it for themselves before they will ever become successful.

If you want it more for someone else than they want it for themself, this can become very unhealthy. (for both parties)

The key then to having motivated people on your team, is to be motivated yourself.

Being self motivated is the only surefire way to reach long term success.

Being self motivated means that you don't require someone else to remind you of the opportunity you have in front of you.

Being self motivated means that you wake up every morning raring and ready to take on the day, create new relationships, market your business and show people how to get started.

Being self motivated means that you attend local events, regionals, conventions or trainings without having to be reminded that these events are taking place.

Being self motivated means that you invest in your education by reading good books, listening to audios and modeling successful people.

Being self motivated means that you take all out massive action, regardless of who believes in you, supports you or joins you.

Being self motivated means that you are inspired by your future and what is possible.Being self motivated means being self determined.

Being self motivated requires that you are self functional.This means that you must learn the system, how to do business and produce.

So what do you do if your prospects are unmotivated to get started and your team unmotivated to take action?

FIRE THEM and find new people.

New people who are hungry for success, will stop at nothing to get it and are determined to develop themselves into a leader that others are looking to follow.

Use your Magnetic Sponsoring System, Building on a Budget & MLM Traffic Formula to develop a strategy that attracts other network marketers who have already bought into the business model and are just looking for the right leader, the right system and the right support to reach the top!

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