Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How To Guarantee Duplication In Your Business

Is network marketing really a business of duplication?

As you recruit people into your business they go out and recruit people into their business and so on and so on. You get an override on all of it and a year down the road you walk away into the sunset rich never to work again.

That's the dream right?

I know that's how I got hooked in.

In the real world does it actually play out like this?

Well, the truth is YES and NO.

Let me explain . . .Yes network marketing is a business built on duplication,but no you are not duplicable.

Systems are duplicable, but people are not.

Let me say that again.

Systems are duplicable, but people are not.

That's the irony of network marketing.

Most people try to duplicate what is not duplicable.They try to be just like there sponsor or their idle in the industry and invariably fail. They place too much importance on being just like someone else or doing it just like someone else did it when what can and should be duplicated is the system.

The system never fails and that's where the focus should be.

When I do training I stay as far away from telling people to do things exactly as I do them as possible.

Instead I tell them the conversion statistics for the marketing system being used, the basic marketing process,basic marketing principles, and then I ask "What do you like most?"

When they answer I tell them what I know from my experience and how I would address the situation with the proper expectations in mind, but I continually hammer home the core message that the system never fails, it's the system that duplicates.

It must be made clear that even with the highest converting system on the planet not everyone is going to duplicate your success no matter how hard you try.


Because people are people.

Some will some won't and there isn't anything you can do about it.

A big mistake I see people make in this business is getting depressed when their downline doesn't duplicate their actions to the level they expect.

Let me free you of those heavy emotions right now!

It's not YOUR fault! You did your job. You found them. It'son their shoulders to go out get the job done in their business not yours.

I'm not saying you leave them in the cold. All I'm saying is you can't build anyone business for them.

Here's a hint to point you in the right direction . . .
Distributors that earn a profit in their business within the first 90 days stay as distributors twice as long as those who do not.

Simply, when people get paid they are happy.

If you focus first on getting yourself paid and then your distributors paid you stand a much greater chance of having duplication work in your favor.

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