Monday, September 1, 2008

Video Conference Call With Ambassador Leader Brad Alkazin

Dear Vemma Member,

I wanted to personally introduce myself and let you know about the future expansion of Vemma, especially now with the launch of Verve !

My name is Brad Alkazin, I'm 22 years old and I live in southern California.

Not only have I been blessed physically as an athlete by being on Vemma for the last 3 years, seeing great results in my health and body day in and day out, but have seen tremendous results for my family, friends, and people I've introduced to the product.

Ranging from blood pressure dropping, cholesterol dropping, migraine headaches relieved, IBS, chronic fatigue and so much more. Also, I put weekly time and effort into the concept of sharing the product (the business) and have been able to build an income up to 8 thousand (US) per week.

Now with the launch of Verve, especially in Europe building the business is even that much easier. People already drink energy drinks, therefore they're loving the taste, health benefits, and more energy Verve is giving them!

Also, they can get paid to drink energy drinks now once they share it with family and friends, ect. Being that the energy drink market does 5 billion per year in sales, that's BILLION, I hope you realize how much potential lies in Verve and how we all can take action and benefit by being at the right place at the right time.

I extend my support to each and every one of you, now with some recent changes in Team Europe, I am able to be more of a leader and assist you in building your business.

I remember at a young age what took me to the top:

Staying plugged in and doing something positive everyday to build my business. Specifically being on the calls, at the meetings, sticking to how the leaders told me to build the business.

Having the attitude and desire for change in my life, and making the decision on how big I wanted my business to be and never quiting !

I encourage you to take advantage of a new video conference I will be hosting on Mondays at 9:15pm Holland time, where you can bring people onto that your sharing the product or opportunity with, and also get great training and tips to build your business even better.

The video conference will be held at url:

I also will begin to reach out to you and your team and assist in conference calls and meetings and even will be coming back to your area on a more regular basis, beginning in September to do meetings and help build your business.

I look forward to not only meeting you but working with you to build your business and take you to the top!

Have a great day, begin to take massive action, and see you on the video conference!

Brad Alkazin
Ambassador Leader

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